Sketchpaint – User guide

Surface Preparation

  • The area to be painted must be clean, dust free, dry, smooth and free of grease and detergents.
  • Remove peeling paint and sand over the surface with sand paper.
  • Glossed or semi-glossed surfaces should be scuffed with sandpaper.
  • Clean the surface using a clean damp cloth and allow to dry.
  • Mask off the area to be painted with masking tape.

Priming the Surface

  • SketchPaint can be applied directly on slightly absorbent surfaces such as wood, MDF, plasterboard and MagnetPaint. Pre-treat highly absorbent mineral and wood substrates with a suitable primer.
  • Two or three coats of white emulsion must be used on dark or coloured surfaces before you apply SketchPaint White.
  • When using SketchPaint Transparent, begin by painting the area evenly with the colour of your choice before you apply SketchPaint Transparent.

Preparing your Area and Equipment

  • SketchPaint should be applied using a short nap roller. Remove loose hairs from the roller prior to use by rinsing it under fresh running water.
  • Use only one roller and tray per tin of SketchPaint; preventing hardened paint from contaminating fresh paint.
  • Separate the two tins and pour the full contents of the small tin into the larger tin and mix thoroughly for around three minutes. Leave to stand for 5 minutes until most of the air bubbles have disappeared. If necessary, you can dilute to a maximum of 10% using fresh water.
  • Never mix this paint with another paint.

Applying the SketchPaint

  • SketchPaint must be applied within a maximum of one hour of mixing the two tins. This time may be significantly reduced if applying the paint in warm and well ventilated areas.
  • Coat your roller well and roller up to the very edge of the area you want to cover. Paintbrushes should not be used.
  • Coverage must be maintained at a maximum of 3m² per 0.5L tin with one coat.
  • If painting a large area, have a new roller and tray ready and prepare the next tin before you finish the current one.
  • Masking Tape must be removed within one hour of application; or score along the edge of the masking tape using a craft knife and peel off.
  • SketchPaint will be touch dry after 24 hours, but you must allow a minimum of 5 days before writing on the surface to ensure the paint has fully cured.
  • WARNING: The mixed product must not be sealed under any circumstances!

Maintaining your SketchPaint

  • We recommend using Sketch Marker pens with SketchPaint. Please test other brands on erasability first.
  • Use SketchCleaner Spray to remove stubborn marks. Never use chemicals or abrasive detergents to clean the area.