SketchPaint: Find your inner artist!

Bye, bye traditional whiteboard! With SketchPaint, your own dry erase surface is now stylishly integrated into your walls at home. Draw your own art, write your favourite quotes or let your kids find their inner artists.

Double the fun!

SketchPaint is perfect to combine with MagnetPaint by MagPaint. Use the same surface with magnets and have a true magnetic whiteboard at home.

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Get inspired and see the unlimited possibilities that our paint offers!

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MagnetPaint: A science and art love story

Some things in life are just worth too much to not be noticed. Your child’s masterpiece drawings, your favourite quote on that beautiful poster and all your personal photographs that take you back to special moments; those pieces of art deserve to be eye catchers! With our MagnetPaint, your wall turns into a huge canvas waiting for you to personalize it. Time to create your own art gallery at home.

Endless creativity

The tiny metal particles in the Magpaint magnetic paint make sure magnets stick to the wall and enable you to decorate your home with anything you like. Perfect to let your creativity run free. In the mood for a modern black and white photo wall? Go for it! All kinds of artwork you choose today, can easily be replaced by something new tomorrow, in case you change your mind… Just leave the drilling machine and hammer in the garage, with MagnetPaint there’s no need for holes and nails in your smooth plastered walls.

Colour it your way

Start thinking about your favourite colour, since MagnetPaint is paintable in any colour you like. MagnetPaint is a grey paint that should be applied in three layers for optimal strength. With these three layers, you can hold 14 sheets (!!) of copy paper with one 23mm neodymium magnet. Choose your favourite colour to end with and say hello to that colourful wall with a magnetic effect in your living room, kitchen or kids bedroom.

Magnetic blackboard paint

To get the most out of your walls, combine our MagnetPaint with our BlackboardPaint. You now have your own XL magnetic chalkboard. Perfect for leaving notes to your loved ones, writing a to-do list or practicing your hand lettering skills at home. You can write on the BlackboardPaint with any chalks and don’t worry about mistakes: it’s easily erasable.

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Get inspired and see the unlimited possibilities that our paint offers!

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BlackboardPaint: Keep on chalking

From walls to wine glasses; with BlackboardPaint you (and your kids!) have the power to turn anything into something special. Use blackboard paint for decorating, organizing or personalizing just about every item in your kitchen, living room, home office and bedroom. Free advice: don’t forget to tell your little ones that not everyone has walls to write on…

Our blackboard paint is a water-based paint for walls and school boards made of wood or metal, or surfaces that have been treated with MagPaint’s MagnetPaint. It can be written on using all common types of chalk, except oil-based chalk. With a reusable writing surface, you’re never done creating awesomeness. Welcome your friends with a personalized wine glass, play Tic Tac To XXL or use BlackBoardPaint to organize the tasks on your to-do list on the wall. Displeased with your own creations? Just wipe it off and try again, it’s that easy.

Ready-mix colours

Probably, you think of dark grey when it comes to chalkboards. Makes sense, but it doesn’t stop there. MagPaint’s blackboard paint comes in a variety of ready-mix colours ranging from lime to black and from pink to blue. Let your imagination run wild and add some colour to your life!

More inspiration

Get inspired and see the unlimited possibilities that our paint offers!

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