Chalkboard art: yes you can!

You’ve probably seen them in your favourite shop or restaurant; those amazing handlettering designs on chalkboards. I always make a quick snapshot with my iPhone when I see one of those jealous making designs, so I can use it as inspiration to chalk an even greater (I hope!) design on my own wall.

It might seem a tough job but wait till you see the awesome results! I love to share some of my tricks that I have learned along the way, to help you create the coolest designs. Please remember: with a chalk in your hand and a little bit of patience there’s an artist in all of us!

My tips and tricks:

  • To begin: find a wall or other surface in your house to apply MagPaint’s BlackoardPaint on.
  • Check Pinterest for awesome designs! It is full of creations to give you an inspiration boost. And don’t forget to use for fonts you like to try yourself.
  • Mix and match some fonts! For example: combine a bold and blocky font with a script font or a romantic handletter.
  • Draw your design on a piece of paper first, so you can estimate what the proportions will be and if something is symmetrical or centered. Keep sketching until you like what you see.
  • In my opinion, a piece of art on your wall sketched with old fashioned chalks creates a beautiful, traditional look. With sharp chalks you get a neater result. Magpaint chalks are available in different colours, perfect for every style!
  • Time for some finetuning? Use water and cotton-tips to clean up any spots that are a little smudged. No worries, Magpaint blackboardpaint is really easy to erase.
  • After all: have fun! There is no right or wrong way to do chalkboard art. It’s supposed to be fun. Try it as creative therapy after a long day of work, or use it for quality-time with your little ones. And in the end; if you don’t like your art, a damp cloth is your favourite tool! Enjoy!

Let your creativity run wild while chalking at the walls of your own interior!

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